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Free Resources in Medical Mycology

Association of Public Health Laboratories Mycology laboratory series 


 Link to APHL's free 6-part webinar on Medical Mycology is above. Register & view it for free. ​

University of Adelaide Mycology


Has links for identifying medical fungi 

Leading International Fungal Education

A website with information for patients & doctors on Fungal infection 


Centre for Disease Control- Information for laboratory personnel

CDC links to its Mycology laboratory SOPs


Mycoasia Network Youtube channel

Find here videos on things all fungi, bioinformatics etc

MRC centre for Medical Mycology

Find links to MRC Centre for Medical Mycology`s MYCO-Talks, details of training etc


 ISHAM ITS Database

Use this free database to identify your fungi using sequencing data.

EUCAST Clinical breakpoints for fungi 


Link to EUCAST Clinical Breakpoints

CLSI Documents on antifungal susceptibility

Link to various CLSI documents for antimicrobial testing including M27

ICMR SOP for Fungal Identification & Detection of Antifungal Resistance

Link to Mycology SOP

Antifungal Susceptibility Testing and Interpretation of C. auris


CDC`s interpretative criteria for C. auris

Asia Fungal Working Group Medical Mycology Training Network

Go to past events to find presentations & videos on clinical mycology by Asian experts like Prof. Chakrabarti 

Open WHO course - Chromoblastomycosis 

Open WHO course - Mycetoma

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