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ICMR Advanced Molecular Diagnostic & Research Centre  is made up of a talented team of Physicians and Scientists who have the knowledge and experience in diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections. Working at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, they have technical know how and resources to support your research in fungal infections.

Submit an isolate for identification

Do you have a clinically important fungus which you cannot identify? Send us the isolate, we identify it for you.

Request a test

Do you wish to submit a sample for fungal examination?

Deposit fungi

Do you have fungi which have been isolated from human infections? You can deposit them in our culture repository. We will make them available for research and training.

Outbreak investigation

Do you think there is an outbreak of fungal infection at your hospital and need help to contain it?

Training in Medical Mycology

Do you wish to have hands on experience in Medical Mycology? We have training events that suit your requirements.

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